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Difference Between Citation and Quotation

When we write an article or a research paper, we usually take an idea from another author’s work to make our writing richer and better. We also do this to prove or support a viewpoint. This can be done in two ways: by citation or quotation. Many people confuse between the two terms; whereas, others assume these to be the same. But actually, they are quite different. A citation is using a particular idea you get from another author. You don’t need to use the exact words in this case. You can just write the summary or the idea of using your own language. It is also called paraphrasing. Quotation, on the other hand, is the exact words of the other author that you will mention in your own writing. Here we are going to look into detail how citation and quotation defers. Quotation When you are writing about something and you want to make your point stronger then you refer to some earlier text that had been written by another author on the same topic. When you decide to quote someone else, you should use the same words… Comments closed

Ways to Boost Start a Legal Career

Legal jobs and legal careers are emerging as one of the most rewarding and dynamic career choices. The legal system has become our daily lives integral part. Either major or minor, students need guidance and legal expertise for every important step to boost start a legal career. We are living in an information age where individuals are aware of their fundamental duties and rights, so legal professionals like lawyers must know how and what it takes to when handling clients. A competent and meaningful legal worker that solves clients’ needs leads to not only a sense of achievement and career satisfaction but also attracts high income earning potential. Ways to Start a Legal Career 1. Self-education For you to put a legal job or career in drive, advance your education. Advanced professional certification or degree is important to get ahead in some legal specialty areas. For example, legal nurse consultants and paralegals are getting certifications in their field of study to demonstrate dedication and commitment to their profession and facilitate their credibility. Also, lawyers enhance their employability in their niche fields. 2. Expertise leverage If you have background or experience… Comments closed

Life as a Law Student – Things You Really Have to Know

Being in a law school or planning to join as a law student, you have surely heard that your the first year as a student is the most important year in your education. In fact, your characters can set your career well. For example, many students started law school thinking that they would probably finish work for government jobs. However, after a good result, their career changes completely and nowhere working in an international law firm. A law student must collect all basic customer information for their seniors. If you want to find a decent job in this area, you must study the legal terminology carefully. Concentrate on the big picture while reading. Concentrate on the overall picture while reading. Try to understand why you are reading this question and how it fits into the overall picture. You do not have to worry. You only need to know the main point/principle that arises from the reason. This is what you need for the final exam. Nothing is more important than the goal of a career in law school. This is a short explanation that informs the employer about the goals… Comments closed